Tree trimming is the most misunderstood part of the landscape maintenance industry. For various reasons, most maintenance contracts only cover tree trimming for trees less than 15 feet tall. As a result, in order to save money, contractors are asked to “top” trees so they will not grow over the height limit. With very few exceptions, trees should never be topped. The result is an unsightly tree that will not grow back properly and is susceptible to other problems in the future. For those trees that will mature over the contract height limit a budget should be created to provide future tree trimming.

Different types of trees may be trimmed at various times of the year. Deciduous trees (no leaves in the winter) should be trimmed while their leaves are off. Evergreen trees may be trimmed any time of the year. Certain trees such as Coral and Eucalyptus should be trimmed before the fall windy season. Most maintenance crews have more time available to perform tree trimming in the winter months.