Occasionally we are asked why we regularly prune trees. Someone who originates in a region where an abundance of trees grow naturally often asks this question. In southern California, most of our landscape environment is made up of plants and trees that are not native to our region. And even those plants and trees that are native are usually planted in an artificial environment where there is supplemental irrigation and nutrients available. These conditions along with our normally warm, sunny climate create an environment where trees thrive.

As a result we end up with trees that are not growing at their own pace with their accustomed moisture and nutrients. Therefore, we must prune the trees on regular basis to ensure that they mature with the proper structure that nature provides for them in their native conditions. And because these trees are located close to homes, sidewalks and streets, we must also prune trees to ensure the public safety.

Over the years for out customers, we have developed a pruning schedule that also takes other issues into consideration such as annual leaf drop, fruit production and seasonal flowering. We also take into consideration the tree’s needs in terms of pruning frequency. Some trees require annual pruning, while others respond better to pruning that may be 3 or even 5 years apart.

So the next time you see our tree crew in your area and they are only pruning one specie of tree, you can rest assured that years of experience and the input from your landscape committee have created a pruning schedule the suits your landscape maintenance needs.